BeerBreed has actively been doing a annual camp out since 2010. Our locations have always been kept secret until day of the event.

This is our 1st time we have decided to take our annual fun to a venue allowing us to open up our limit of 55 pre sold tickets to allow 45 more friends to join in the good times.  100 tickets only


Address: 1020 Barrett Lake Rd, Dulzura, CA 91917

South East County, Devils Country, San Diego CA

The purchase of this ticket entitles you to 

  1. single pass (21 and up only) No refunds rain or shine
  2. raffle ticket for chance to win goods from our sponsors
  3. pulled pork dinner or veggie burger (please specify in notes) with fixings
  4. camping in compound
  5. access to private party area with live music
  6. trucker hat and pin to prove you were there

There will be alcohol, beer, sodas, water and additional food offered at the bar. Any drinks brought in will become property of BeerBreed because we will be charged by the vendor for losses. We will be checking.

There will be no in and out once your bike or vehicle is parked unless your leaving and you must be sober to drive or ride out. The road in and out is dangerous.

Please respect the property and this event. If your a tough guy please leave that at home and come enjoy the fun. If you cant do that dont come.

Feel free to represent but do it respectfully. Most you guys should know that but this is for the ones that dont know. 

We do take pictures and pictures do get taken at our events. We however only post those pictures that need to be seen and those pictures are property of BeerBreed for use to promote future venues. That said if they make it online that all we have as we delete the rest.


If you dont know who we are then spend time with us and you will know pretty quickly that were motorcycle addicts, drinker, business men, bar flies, brothers, machinist, surfers, skaters, campers, bmx, motocross, distance riders, family men and promoters of good times.

Simply Google us

See you April 18th watch for updates in your email for ride meeting spots and a flyer for directions if you want to roll in under your time frame.